At Strategic Asset Conservation, we specialize in “Safe Money Strategies.” We find yield in ways that protect your principal, while still providing reasonable gains for your retirement and liquid assets. These solutions are financially sound and based on actuarial fundamentals.

  • Smart Money Strategies

    Am I saving enough for retirement? Can I afford to risk my life savings in the stock market so close to retirement? Will I outlive my savings? These are questions most people ask, no matter what their station or background. Protecting personal assets without the possibility of losing them is the age-appropriate goal for such savers, allowing them to thrive in good years and maintain those gains amid difficult ones.

    Asset management strategies have undergone a renaissance in the past 20 years. It is now possible to benefit from the stock market’s advances without losing one’s gains during a subsequent decline. There is innovation in every industry and the world changes faster than ever. (Remember, in 2006 there was no such thing as an iPhone.) The financial services industry is no different. The solutions and products that were available when you began planning for retirement are different from those that are available today.

    At Strategic Asset Conservation, we offer the most up-to-date strategies after a careful vetting process. With a thorough review of your financial plan, we can help ensure you are on the right path to achieve your specific financial objectives.

  • Wealth-Transfer Strategies

    We believe retirees and their heirs should have every financial advantage available. Our wealth transfer team can guide you to potentially doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling the money you have earmarked for your children.

    Strategic Asset Conservation employs innovative solutions to provide our clients with creative and smart investment options. We understand that these funds are more than just income; these funds represent your legacy to the next generation

    Your family deserves choices, tax advantages, and added peace of mind when planning for tomorrow. Our wealth transfer methods take advantage of every option available to advance your legacy and provide for your heirs.

  • Long-Term Planning

    As Americans, our life expectancies have increased – whether through medical advancement or awareness of healthier lifestyle choices. While this is great news, it also means that those who may suffer a debilitating illness (i.e. stroke, heart attack, dementia, or even a simple fall) can live for many more years, requiring constant care and financial support. An unfortunate circumstance can quickly deplete an entire lifetime of savings and place an undue burden on the surviving family. Insert cited stat “80% of Americans over the age of 85 will need some form of care, with more than 1.5 million residing in nursing home facilities.”

    At Strategic Asset Conservation, all of our Long-Term-Care plans are tailored to help meet your specific financial needs if faced with a health crisis. We consult with you to select the most appropriate plan and ensure the plan also fits comfortably within your budget. Our goal is to protect your retirement from the unknown by delivering a solution that adds peace of mind for you and your family.

  • Results

    Strategic Asset Conservation has never lost our clients’ money in the stock market.

    You may ask, “Well, what about 2008, when everyone was losing money?”

    Since our incorporation in the spring of 2007, we have never lost a penny of our clients’ money in the stock market – because we don’t expose our clients to market risk in the first place. Our clients receive market-linked interest credits during gain years, and retain their values (principal and interest) amid losing years.

    The best way to secure a pending retirement – and protect your assets when you reach retirement – is to get off the stock market roller coaster. It means clients receive modest growth amid a growing economy. It means principal protection amid years of economic decline and volatility.

    It means sleeping well at night.

    At Strategic Asset Conservation, we believe in age-appropriate holdings for our retired clientele. We understand that exotic investments, expensive mutual funds, and aggressive stock trading strays from a basic understanding of what a retiree looks for once their paychecks have stopped. Our strategies for income planning and protecting your retirement nest egg have a track record of success based on an individual understanding of a retiree’s needs and goals.

    In a boom year, our solutions provide stable growth, but growth that is unlikely to out-perform the latest shiny object on Wall Street. However, in uncertain times, our clients appreciate the security of a safe-money strategy when those exotic products are crashing and suddenly out of vogue.

    Please feel free to contact us for more information about our results. We are happy to go into detail about our services, our record of accomplishment, as well as provide the testimonials of Client Family members who are happy to share their experience with you.