The CDC is Holding Our School Children Hostage to Political Science

August 12, 2021

Over the last 18 months, I have spoken to many of you about the tyrannical controls that school boards have placed upon your grandchildren, and the impact those mandates have had on their parents, your adult children. “Our daughter hasn’t been able to return to work, because she’s at home supervising remote learning—even as private schools and the public schools in Florida have been fully open all year…”, one client pleaded, echoing the frustrations that I’ve heard from dozens of you.

Two weeks ago, frustrated parents and skeptical local public health officials demanded that the CDC “show us the data” to justify their recommendation that 56 million public school children of all ages be masked for the entirety of the upcoming school year, regardless of transmission levels from one state to the other. When the CDC finally released that data, many observers were even more perplexed.

The centerpiece of the CDC’s case involved an outbreak of the Delta variant in the resort town of Provincetown, Massachusetts, the tip of Cape Cod where I grew up, over the July 4th holiday weekend.  Over the course of that 3-day period (and the four weeks that followed), “Of 469 cases, 346 (74%) occurred in fully vaccinated people, and almost 80% of those cases were symptomatic.  There were five hospitalizations, four among fully vaccinated people, and no deaths. Of the cases with sequence information available, 89% were from the Delta variant…moreover, vaccination coverage in Massachusetts was reported to be 69% as of July 3rd…”

So let’s analyze: If 346 of the 469 cases were among fully vaccinated individuals, that leaves 122 who were not vaccinated.  The unvaccinated group had one hospitalization, while the vaccinated group had four, ratios that are almost perfectly proportional to the size of each group. The symptoms were also equally mild for both groups, and no one in either group died.  Let’s conclude with what my High School Trigonometry teacher referred to as deducible truths that are “intuitively obvious even to the most casual observer”.

  • The vaccines were useless in stopping transmission. Even though nearly 70% of the local population was vaccinated, 74% of the infected had been vaccinated. The Delta variant blew through the illusory protection of the vaccine like it wasn’t even there.
  • The Delta variant is highly transmissible, but its effects are far milder.
  • The Delta variant is far less deadly than the original virus—even to the 122 unvaccinated people!  When CDC Director Walensky says that the Provincetown experience “proves that the vaccines are working to lessen the severity of the symptoms”, this is simply untrue of this sample, or Israel or the UK at present.  Had the unvaccinated experienced more severe symptoms, more hospital admissions, or any deaths at all, she might have a case, but none of those things occurred.
  • The CDC is basing their upcoming restrictions on an outbreak that no longer exists. By month’s end, according to the town manager, “of the nearly 900 cases, there have been no deaths, 7 hospitalizations, and the symptoms are largely mild. Our positivity peaked at 15% on July 15th and was only 4.8% yesterday (July 30th). The outbreak is contained and Provincetown is safe…”
  • Children under 18 are overwhelmingly unaffected by the virus already, and masking them has far more severe consequences—including depression, anxiety, and suicide, along with decreased academic performance and socialization—than the virus itself.  Indeed, since the inception of the pandemic only 335 U.S. children under the age of 18 have died nationally, many with previously undiagnosed comorbidities, representing 58/1000ths of 1% of all “Covid-related” deaths.

So P-town is safe, transmissibility peaks in about 2 weeks and drops rapidly thereafter, but the CDC is saying we need to re-mask across most of the country, mask school children for the entire school year, even as the Pentagon is mandating still-experimental, not-yet-FDA-approved vaccinations for every soldier/officer in the U.S. military. This may be political science, but it certainly isn’t biomedical science.

When 637,439 Is Really 31,872

As I’ve shared on prior occasions (and monthly in our client-only Economic/Market videos), the following quote can still be found here on the CDC’s website.  It refers to all 637,439 U.S. “Covid-related” deaths to date:

“…For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death…”

This remains a stunning admission.  It means that, in truth, fewer than 32,000 Americans have died solely from the virus, while the other 95% died with an average of four other causes. Per the CDC data, deaths occurring among those over age 75 represented 57% of all “Covid-related” deaths, and over 94% of all decedents also suffered from some combination of heart disease, respiratory ailment, diabetes, or obesity.  Simply put, the typical 82-year-old died of a heart attack, with COPD, as an overweight diabetic, and when the autopsy was performed, they found antibodies for Covid in the decedent’s bloodwork.  Is it possible that he might have lived another few months or years had he not contracted the virus?  Of course, but it is also possible if not probable that he would have succumbed to his other comorbidities within a few months anyway.  And, sure, most of us can probably cite several anecdotal instances of exceptions to this example, but according to the CDC’s own data, this decedent is representative of 94% of the 95% of “Covid-related” U.S. deaths of the last 20 months.

Our indecisive authoritarian public health officials in government are devaluing their own currency, first by telling us that once we’re vaccinated, we won’t need to wear a mask, and then by telling us that we need to wear a mask outdoors, even if vaccinated, to protect us from the unvaccinated. Dr. Peter Weiss just echoed the sentiments of tens of thousands of Covid-fatigued doctors (including my own) here:

“…We’re beset by misinformation and confusing recommendations from our government. Don’t wear masks, now wear masks. Wear two masks, since two is better than one. Vaccines will set you free, until they don’t. Therapeutics that can treat COVID-19 are frowned upon, and you must be evil if you even suggest the possibility. This isn’t a reliable information environment…”

Welcome to The Permanent Pandemic—504 days after Dr. Fauci first asked us for “15 days to slow the spread”—endless theatrical posturing that says if you’re not wearing a mask, I might forget to be scared, and that the superior natural immunity of over 35% of the population is insufficient protection for the rest of us—even though another 51% has been vaccinated.  And if your doctor recommends against your getting the vaccine, you may not be able to dine out, go to the theater, travel by air, or return to the job you’ve worked at for 20 years, were you to adhere to that advice. 

Time will tell whether we tolerate the societal transformation of our free republic into a biomedical oligarchy, wherein we allow unelected, oft-wrong “experts” to control every aspect of our lives “for our own good and the good of our communities.” There is far more at stake in the loss of our freedoms (free speech, assembly, rights of private property, protest, and medical autonomy) given the way our leaders are mismanaging this crisis—than the adverse consequences of a virus that is 99.91% survivable. We don’t suspend the Constitution because some of us are scared; we stand up to the fear-mongers, correct the misinformed, encourage the fearful, protect the vulnerable, and go on living free and fruitful lives.

Now would be good.


  • Susan Leeper says:

    This is excellent, Thom. I would call the current situation biomedical tyranny.

    With corporations, gov’t bodies, and schools, no provision is allowed for those who have had Covid already and have natural immunity. Natural immunity is considered far better and enduring than the “by the seat of the pants” vaccines, which either are not very effective or have a short life. Someone already infected with Covid ought to be able to get a test showing antibodies, and a gold (or other color) star showing this person is “safe” and can pass through the door.

    • Thomas Brueckner says:

      Thanks, Susan. I agree! Otherwise the CDC will end up creating two classes of immunity; the vaccinated who meet their approval, and those with natural immunity (35%+ of society) whose protection is more comprehensive and longer-lasting, but who are nevertheless denied societal participation, travel, and employment.

      Thanks for commenting,

  • Zafi Gamlieli says:

    Thom, I couldn’t say it better myself!!
    Those Government officials couldn’t find their way out of a telephone booth if they had too, this is definitely politicly motivated.

    • Thomas Brueckner says:

      Thanks for commenting. The incompetence is endless, and the group-think that has otherwise intelligent authorities praising the vaccines at the same time that the Delta variant is rendering them effectively useless in Israel, the UK, and now Cape Cod, is nothing short of the Emperor’s New Clothes. “Virus gonna virus” and we should be focused on therapeutics, not experimental cocktails that don’t even meet the traditional definition of vaccines. The natural immunity that we get when our bodies fight off a virus is far better and longer lasting than the temporary short-cut provided by the major pharmaceuticals.
      Best to you and Nadia,


    Excellent report. All you need to know is in Mark Levin’s new book “American Marxism.” Also Ben Shapiro new release “The Authoritarian Moment” says it all. The far LEFT is controlling us after building their plan for the last 40 years. This next $6T Gov bill will be the end of our country as we know it! Not much we can do, if our reps are all in.

    • Thomas Brueckner says:

      Hello Marty,
      Thanks for the comments, however defeated they may sound. It’s getting harder and harder to be optimistic a la Reagan and believe that our best days are yet ahead of us—for sure. I’m ever more worried that Jefferson was right about democracies (51 wolves and 49 sheep voting on what’s for dinner), i.e. that throughout history they commit suicide in the third generation as soon as the people discover the ability to vote themselves benefits from the public trough. Pelosi’s $3.5T catch-all bill feels like the last straw, and that we’ll soon have more folks in the wagon than we have pulling it. When the folks in the wagon finally realize that those pulling it can and have moved to Belize, they’ll be left to devour one another, and the end of the Republic will finally be at hand.
      Best to you and Karen,

  • Chip says:

    Thanks Thom!
    This is my note to several people to whom I forwarded your email: “Note the last sentence of a short, but comprehensive blog – let’s stand up, speak out & stop acting like “sheeple” and being conned by our current “leaders’ & media”.
    Regarding the previous commenters: We tend to call our ‘leaders’ stupid or incompetent; I prefer to call them “politically motivated” (thanks Zafi), anti-freedom, power hungry, Marxists who are determined to destroy our Republic, Constitution, and uniquely marvelous progress over the last 250 years—in this decade! …And they are (regrettably) doing a pretty good job of it!

  • Dave & Lucy Viner says:

    Excellent report on what is happening all around us. When I learned in my early twenties that I had allergies to trees, mold, insects, and grass it took another couple decades of getting allergy shots to build up my immune system. To this day I no longer have the problem so we should never underestimate our ability to build a strong immune system. I’ve never been against getting flu shots but after seeing what’s going on now with this COVID-19 vaccine I could give you over 31 reasons why I will never take it.
    Take care & keep those good Blog’s rolling!!
    Dave & Lucy Viner

    • Thomas Brueckner says:

      Thanks Dave,
      Remember how prior to Covid when we’d go to the doctor’s office feeling ill, and after the doctor examined us he’d say, “It’s a virus so it just needs to run its course…”? Weeeeeeell…
      Best to you and Lucy!

      • Marjorie Ann Rogers says:

        Thank you for speaking out. Lots of gray areas regarding the information the public is receiving. Are we allowed to have a voice? What is truth?
        Fear is running people’s lives. Shame on us for not questioning.

        • Thomas Brueckner says:

          Thanks for commenting, Marjorie.
          Fear is indeed the driver of so much nonsense over the virus. Sweden never shut down their economy last year, allowed schools, gyms, restaurant and bars to stay open, and simply told their citizens to use common sense: “If you’re older and have comorbidities, wear a mask and stay home. The rest of you should use good judgment and go on with your lives, respectful of those around you…” They never put 62 million people out of work shutting down the strongest economy in U.S. history—like we did! According to, Sweden’s deaths per million of population are 1438 while ours are 1930, 34% higher, going all the way back to last January! Tell me again why Fauci is the highest paid employee in the U.S. government?
          I feel your frustration.

  • David Leeper says:

    Good article! When Big Govt/Tech/Media diktats defy logic, as Thom shows here, we can also add in some “cui bono” (who benefits) analysis as well.

    In particular, the bias against therapeutics is highly suspicious. HCQ, Ivermectin, Zinc, etc. are too cheap for Big Pharma to benefit. And Big Pharma is cozy with Big Govt. Any connection there?

    Best personal approach for many may be to avoid any further “booster” shots and go for natural immunity via therapeutics and some flu-like discomfort for a week or so(?).

    See, for example, Dr. Zelenko’s testimony before an Israeli Rabbinic court at this link:

    • Thomas Brueckner says:

      Great points, David! My mother actually sent me the Zelenko interview after it took place, but I only just watched it all the way through yesterday. It’s truly amazing how physicians, scientists, world-famous researchers and patent-holders, and Nobel laureates with decades of publications and peer-reviewed articles to their credit have suddenly been denounced, de-platformed, and censored for making scientific, data-based arguments that conflict with the political orthodoxy now in control among our healthcare bureaucrats. He cites Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology that was used to develop the mRNA vaccine, who has now come out against its use—only to be kicked off of YouTube and Face Book and dismissed as a “kook” and “a Trump supporter” by the tech monopolies. Never mind that Biden and Harris both said if the developed vaccines had Trump’s endorsement, neither of them would be taking them—but now they’re forcing them on the unwilling folks who’ve survived the virus and already have natural immunity and antibodies that are more effective and longer-lasting than those claimed by the vaccines. Even formerly-revered liberals like Naomi Wolf, Alex Berenson, and some of Obama’s former health officials have been cancelled on social media for coming out in favor of science and data that undermines the protocols now being forced on the nation. George Orwell is turning over in his grave!
      Thanks, as always, for your keen insights!

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